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I was born in Larissa (1972) and I studied Physics in the University of Thessaloniki. Because I was (and still I am) interested in sociology, modern history and politics as well as in physics, I found that the field of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology could function as a bridge combining my interests in natural sciences and the humanities and social sciences. I completed a postgraduate degree (distinction) in the Department of Philosophy and History of Science in the University of Athens. Then I moved to the UK to study and work. In 2006 I finished my DPhil in the History of Technology under the supervision of Prof. Robert Fox in the Faculty of Modern History, University of Oxford. My thesis entitled:‘Consulting Engineers in the British Electric Light and Power Industry, c 1880-1914’. Since 2006 I worked in several national and international research projects in the history of intellectual property in science and technology, the history of engineers and engineering, and the history and policy of energy technologies (mainly electricity and gas) in the universities of Athens, Leeds, Edinburgh and Cardiff. In January 2012 I moved back to Greece after many years in the UK . Since then I work in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science in the University of Athens initially as a Lecturer and then as Assistant Professor of History of Science and Technology (tenure track position). I like the cultural histories of technologies and sciences, the sociologically informed histories of science and technology, the STS oriented reconstructions of historical transitions of techno-sciences, the co-production approach in the history of science and technology, as well as historically informed policy analysis of science and technology. I research and study the history of engineering, historical sociology of techno-scientific expertise, history of intellectual property and innovations, history of technological systems and infrastructres, socio-historical transitions of technological regimes, energy and environmental transitions.   

Research Interests

History, Politics and Policy of Energy Sociotechnical Transitions

History and Politics of Intellectual Property in Science and Technology

Law, Science and Technology (Biotech, Agrifood, Environment, Data)

Science, Technology and Environment: Historical and Sociological Perspectives

History of Technological Infrastructures and Networks (Energy and Telecommunications)

History of Technological Risks, Accidents and Disasters

History of Science-Technology Relations in 20th century (Biotech, Agrifood, Telecommunications)

History and Sociology of Techno-scientific Expertise

History of Engineering 19th and 20th centuries

History of Science Innovations and Entrepreneurship in 19th and 20th centuries

Science and Technology Policy/Innovation Studies

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